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UK317 sends out a regular bulletin of server events, if you wish to be added to this list please send an e-mail to: Derek317 (Derek Haselden)


The FSOpen ‘BOT’ (roBOT) is an interface between the Briefing Room Chat window in FSX and the FSOpen software that runs on the server.  If you open the chat window in FSX and use the commands listed below you will be able to obtain information relevant to your flight or the session in progress.  Below is a list of all the available commands and how they work.




Description of commands available to all players




Lists available commands. If unsure what the command does, typing that command may tell you.




Shows your Callsign as seen by ATC. If you have not set a Callsign your tail number or registration will show.




Enter a flight plan, the format is: from Airport code, to Airport code, rules (VFR/IFR), FL or Alt.

!F EGHI EGHH IFR FL030 (remarks as req.)



If Hops are enabled on the server this will give the pilot an airport ICAO code to fly to next.




Lists the last 5 people to transmit and how long ago they spoke.




Weather information (METAR) for an airfield. (Date/time, Wind, Visibility, Conditions, Temp., QNH)




Removes an active ATC position and stops posting that information in the chat box.




Used to register that you are manning an ATC position and posts that information in the chat box.

!T EGHI Southampton tower 118.20



Description of commands available to Server Admins only




Permits an existing Admin to grant Admin status to another player. The format is: !A GamespyID

!A Derek317



Kicks a player and bans them. The format is: !B GamespyID You must be an Admin to ban players.

!B Derek317



Permits An admin to change the automatic message posted by the robot in the chat box.

!I Server will shut down at 23:00Z



Kicks a player from the game. The format is: !K GamespyID You must be an Admin to kick players.

!K Derek317



Lists the player numbers and the players GamespyID if known. Restricted to Admins.




Lists players and the amount of packets generated. All players using over 200 packets will be shown.

(Non Admin status players may use this command but it will only list their own packets.)


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