UK317 flight simulator community.  In partnership with Western Air, ATCMagic, Heritage Flight

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UK317 sends out a regular bulletin of server events, if you wish to be added to this list please send an e-mail to: Derek317 (Derek Haselden)


Server Administrators: Derek317 (Derek Haselden), and G-MATT (Matthew Myatt).  In addition there are another 6 players who have some level of admin privilege.

Normal operating hours: 24hr operation Monday to Sunday.

Normal FSOpen server settings:

Language:                   English.

Voice type:        FSX voice.          (When there is no active ATC use 122.80 as Unicom.)  [UK317 has a TS3 chat room / lobby ,this is not used in place of FSX comms.]

Real weather:    Enabled.            (Real weather is enabled but weather is sometimes user-defined for events.)

Server robot:      Enabled.            (Displays server information, commands are available via the chat box ‘ Ctrl + Shift + ] ‘.)

Runway guard: Armed.               (Several airfields may be guarded, automatic removal of planes starting on an active guarded runway.)

Packet limit:      Armed.               (Currently set at 1500 packets, automatic removal of aircraft/players that exceed this limit.)

Auto-kick:          Armed.               (Banned aircraft and player names/IP number, excess network traffic, runway spawners = automatic ejection.)

Auto-kick AI:     Armed.               (Automatic removal of AI aircraft and players attempting to inject AI traffic.)

Banned a/c:        Armed.               Gliders (with tow plane), Trikes, Extra300’s, AI traffic.


Player name and IP number bans:

IP number and Player bans are very rare although there are several player name bans in place.  These are for a multitude of profane, racist, or otherwise offensive names used on the server previously.  (Rule 9i.)

Normal FSX server settings:

Realism:             Players can change their settings.  (Crashes, collisions, and aircraft stress damage will be detected unless the player disables that function.)

Location:            Players can change location on joining.  (Please choose your starting position carefully, if you start on an active guarded runway you will be ejected.)

Sharing:              Aircraft can be shared.  (When you join the server, take care to disable sharing or password protect that option unless you want to share your aircraft.)

Slew mode:        Aircraft CANNOT be moved by slewing.  (This function can be restored upon request but was withdrawn due to persistent player abuse during ATC sessions.)

Pause:                 Players can pause their game.

Player number: Limit currently set at 30 players (31 including the server).

Joining instructions:

1.      Go to the FSOpen website, click on the Sessions link which will display a list of currently active sessions.

2.      Look for the ‘UK317/WAA/ATC Magic’ server on the list, make a note of the IP number.  If the server is running the IP number will be displayed at the top of this page.


3.      Start FSX, click on the Multiplayer tab, select Local Network (LAN), enter your Player Name, and click Sign In.

4.      Select Connect Directly, enter the IP number, and click Find Sessions.


5.      Wait for the connection to be made (this can take several seconds) and then the Multiplayer Conditions page should open.

6.      On the Multiplayer Conditions page chose your role, Pilot or ATC.  (If you select ATC go to 9.)


7.      If you select Pilot enter your Callsign as you want other players to see you.  (If you leave that blank your tail number or aircraft registration will show instead.)

8.      Select the aircraft you want to fly, edit fuel and payload, load or save flight, flight planner, as required.


9.      Select your starting location carefully.  DO NOT START ON A RUNWAY!  Start at a ramp or gate at the airfield of your choice.

10.  Click Join Session and wait for the game to load.


11.  If there IS ATC active on the server their position and frequency should be listed in the briefing room chat box, contact ATC if you are within the control area(s).

12.  If there is NO ATC active, but there are other aircraft in the area use 122.80 as Unicom, and make calls to alert other aircraft of your intentions.

Leaving the Server:

1.      If FSX is running WITHOUT the menus displayed at the top of the window, press the ‘Escape (Esc)’ key and leave the game via the normal options.

2.      If FSX is running WITH the menus displayed at the top of the window, left click on ‘Flights, End Flight – Esc’ and then leave via the normal options.

3.      DO NOT close FSX and leave the server by pressing the ‘X’ (close window/program) at the top right of the FSX window.

The demise of Gamespy hosted FSX Multiplayer games in December 2012 was a major blow to flight simmers worldwide, many disappointed (and disconnected) virtual pilots and controllers were left with no outlet for their passion for aviation.  Thanks to software from FSOpen and some dedicated game players, FSX Multiplayer games live on!


The UK317, Western Air Academy, and ATCMagic server is hosted by Derek Haselden (AKA ‘Derek317’), former regular ATC host and player of FSX Multiplayer games from the Gamespy days.  Derek is a former aircraft maintenance engineer with an Associates Degree in aeronautics.  Although not a qualified pilot Derek has many hours of flight experience as a pilot and many more hours as co-pilot, observer, navigator, and passenger.  Along with over 40 years of interest in aviation he has also played computer flight simulations for over 25 years.  Co-founder of UK317 is Matthew Myatt (AKA ‘G-MATT’), regular FSX pilot, ATC, and participant on UK317 who also lends technical assistance to the server.  UK317 is fortunate to have a core of regular players with good levels of experience both as pilots and ATC.


WAA is another UK based FSX user group, training academy and virtual airline founded by Owen Stringer who has completed his PPL in the real world.  The WAA team consists of many enthusiastic flight simmers and real world pilots who can offer flying lessons or you can fly for their airline.  Pooling resources, UK317 and WAA share the UK317 server and on Wednesday evenings co-host a UK based session with good ATC coverage.  Pilots from both user groups fly together and are often joined by others.


Those of you active during the Gamespy era may remember 'ATCMagic' hosting ATC sessions on Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays.  ATCMagic is now part of the scene along with UK317 and WAA.  In truth elements of ATCMagic have already participated in the Wednesday sessions for some time so they have been there in spirit, though not in name as such.  ATCMagic bring with them many years of simulator experience, games with ATC, navigation exercises and other flight disciplines, and some real-world pilots to boot.  The latest addition to the UK317 FSX server community is Heritage Flight who are regular users of the server and who often specialise in the use of vintage and heritage aircraft.


The UK317 server provides a United Kingdom based FSX Multiplayer scenario with occasional ATC coverage.  UK317 has no specific theme other than free flight in and around the UK.  The UK317 FSX community does not insist on absolute precision and strict adherence to real world aviation rules.  There is no pilot or ATC ranking system.  So long as fair play, good manners, flexibility, and common sense prevail anyone can use UK317, either as pilot or controller, regardless of ability, anywhere they want.  Every other week the server operates a time offset system to permit day or night flying at times more convenient to the majority of players.


No other software is required to use this server, just start FSX and play!  If you want to use chat commands to and from the FSOpen Server please do so, a list of server roBOT commands can be seen on the BOT Commands page.  The use of Open Clouds, Flight Strips or Pilot Assistant (all three available from FSOpen) is not mandatory but your game experience may be enhanced if you do use that software.  Pilot and ATC communication is done via standard FSX communications, there is no need to use Teamspeak.  The server does have the use of a Teamspeak channel(s) however this does not replace FSX comms.


When you join the server, if you do so near (within a few hundred miles of the spawning airfield, Brize Norton AB, EGVN) you will be provided with a static snapshot of the latest weather.  For added realism players may make use of a weather engine which will provide them with live weather covering the entire world.

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